The story of Pelican Rouge

Grab a coffee and read our story…Great coffee is the essence of our business: fresh coffee made from the finest ingredients; picked from the best beans and then roasted to perfection in order to obtain the optimum flavour, each blend has its own distinct flavours. The result is coffee that tastes as delicious as it looks and smells. It is coffee that can create a personal moment of pleasure—anytime, anywhere.

In recent years, coffee culture has evolved. Coffee lovers pay more attention to flavour, quality and origin. They have matured and expect a refined experience, something we as Pelican Rouge understand.With our roots in Belgium, we come from a culture that enjoys a Burgundian lifestyle. We love the good life. From premium chocolate to celebrated beers, we are passionate about good quality and great taste. And this passion is what guides us in making our coffees. We are true coffee craftsmen.

Great coffee is the result of being loved at every stage, from bean to cup.

To serve that perfect cup starts when the coffee plant begins to grow. It’s felt in every stage from bean to cup: in picking, roasting, blending, and packing. We master each part of the process. From sourcing, roasting and serving to our consumers. It’s how we make great taste and quality available to coffee lovers all around Europe. The result is that more than 8.5 million consumers start their day with Pelican Rouge coffee. In total we are proud to serve more than 2.5 billion cups of coffee a year.

Every cup of coffee should create a personal moment of pleasure.

As leading coffee connoisseurs we know when we taste a great coffee. Pelican Rouge has a range of premium coffee blends that you will be proud to serve. You will also be pleased to know that behind each cup you serve, the coffee is sourced ethically, roasted to perfection, packaged with passion and delivered with dedication. Discover what it is that you have been missing and be proud to say

I serve Pelican Rouge​.