Roasting Expertise since 1863

Our story begins more than 150 years ago in 19th-century Antwerp, where Joseph van Leckwyck and his sons established a coffee roastery under the name ‘Continental Society for Coffee Roasting.’ Under our original name ‘Roode Pelikaan’ they mastered the art of roasting, producing high quality yet affordable coffee for a new generation of coffee aficionados.

By mastering the art of roasting in 1863, Joseph van Leckwyck and his sons determined the course of the coffee industry in Belgium. By 1899 the Pelican Rouge name had spread across Europe. Today, our brand is synonymous with great tasting coffee.

Adored by 15 million fellow bon vivants

To capture the characteristics of the two main coffee varieties — the mild Arabica and the earthy Robusta—we use two techniques to process the freshly picked ‘cherries’ from the coffee plant and extract the pits. The first is a natural method and the oldest in the world, known as the ‘dry process’. The ‘cherries’ are washed and placed in the sun to dry before the bean is removed. This creates a heavily-bodied coffee that is sweet and smooth with complex tones. The second technique is known as the ‘wet process’ in which the cherry surrounding the bean is removed before drying, producing a piquant coffee with hints of fruit.

Where craft and science converge

Coffee roasting is the point where craft and science converge and our spcialists at our in-house roaster are experts at roasting the delicate green beans. This requires a precise combination of temperature, time and air-flow to release the individual flavour characteristics. Our roaster slow-roasts beans, therefore enabling our experts to maximise the characteristics of each roast of coffee beans. Using a variety of tailor-made methods, we meticulously create single-origin coffees and signature blends with subtle nuanced flavours and deep rich tones.

We proudly put love and mastery into all our coffees.

At the end of the day, it’s all down to great people and great taste!