Pelican Rouge Water Cooler

Our latest modern water cooler is distinctively designed, durable and very functional.


Chilled Water On-Tap

Our stylish water cooler is designed to be durable and very functional. Water is taken directly from the mains supply and delivers clean, safe and great-tasting chilled water to the workplace. Sleek design, high performance and pure water quality, make our machines the perfect water coolers for today’s modern offices and other locations.

This premium quality plumbed-in water dispenser is supplied with a Brita filter for the ultimate in hydration quality. The unit draws water from the mains supply, passes it through a Brita filter and chills it to perfection for a totally refreshing drink. The unit has a hinged lower door for easy filter access.

Available in both floor-standing and counter-top models. Storage base with hinged door (floor-standing models only). Our plumbed water coolers eliminate problems associated with inverted replaceable bottle systems. No more storing and replacing heavy bottles, reduced health and hygiene problems, no more bottle exchange costs and inconvenience. Enjoy fresh clean chilled water 24/7.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Floor standing model 1060mm x 330mm x 360 mm (H x W x D)

Counter top model: 475mm x 325mm x 380mm (H x W x D)

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