We recognise our responsibility to the environment and local communities. This is why we go to the ends of the earth to find organic, fair and ethically-sourced beans grown by farmers we respect. By consciously choosing certified products, we ensure sustainability for our customers and for future generations.

A good cup of coffee can empower you. It can both excite and comfort; inspire, challenge and energise you and all within a single moment. But for a good coffee experience to become a great one, there needs to be more than excellent flavour. Whether you take a traditional espresso or a foamy latte, you need to be able to feel good about what you’re drinking. We understand this and it’s part of the reason we make sustainable choices when it comes to all of our products and processes. You will find sustainability in our craftsmanship, innovation, footprint and with the people we work with all over the world. We want everybody to enjoy coffee their way and to feel good about it. This is the secret of truly great taste!

We are aware of the impact of our activities. That is why we are engaged in various sustainable initiatives: from water projects in Bamenda, Cameroon to investing in education for farmers and their families in Guatemala. More environmentally-friendly packaging We are active in 13 European markets and 65 export markets, operate from 11 offices with 5,000 employees, and reach 15 million consumers. Locally,we continuously strive for more environmentally-friendly packaging: all packaging of products produced by Pelican Rouge has been aluminium-free since 2003.

But that is not all. We aim to integrate sustainability into all our operations – from waste management to energy recovery – enabling us to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions.

Our Belief

We believe that great taste is about more than just the coffee itself. Great taste can only be truly experienced when the product, the people and the process all contribute to a better world. Only when all of these things are in place are we able to really deliver great taste to all.

Our Ambition

We aim to deliver the best coffee in the world and we want people to feel good about what they’re drinking. This means that every part of the coffee roasting and serving process needs to be carried out in the most sustainable way possible.

​Our People

The people are at the core of Pelican Rouge’s business strategy and success. Pelican Rouge prides itself for employing a diverse and talented workforce of over 30 different nationalities and values people for who they are, for their knowledge, skills and experience. The company continuously strives to develop and support the people to achieve their individual goals whilst they add value to the organization.


Sustainable Products

Sustainability plays an increasingly more important role in the development of concepts and products. However, this varies by country or region. That is why we work with various organisations, such as Fairtrade/Max Havelaar, UTZ Certified, and Rainforest Alliance. Furthermore, we incorporate certified organic ingredients, such as coffee, cocoa, and tea. Combinations of certifications are also possible.


We want our customers and end users to know that their products were made with respect for humankind and the environment. Therefore, we are transparent with regard to providing information on the origin of our products. We do, however, ensure certain aromas and a consistent flavour, which may cause the origin and composition of the blends to change, depending on the price and the quality of the product offered.

Santa Clara Education Project

The Santa Clara plantation in San Ramón, Nicaragua delivers the beans for our premium single estate ‘Santa Clara’ coffee. To support this hardworking, local community we are helping them with the construction of two new classrooms and to set up an enduring education system for their children and all the children that live in the area.


Contact us

If you want to enquire about our products or need any support please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales enquiries: 0203 725 4345

Existing Customers: 0203 697 0620


Contact us

If you want to enquiry about our products or need any support please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sales enqueries: 0203 725 4345

Existing Customers: 0203 697 0620