Today Pelican Rouge is one of Europe’s leaders in coffee. Every day we serve 7 million coffee lovers their favourite coffee with the aim of making their day as rewarding as possible. We sell more than 25,000 tonnes of coffee and coffee supplies every year. We work with a dedicated customer support network accross 11 countries to delight our customers. We control the entire coffee journey from bean to cup, using the latest technology to deliver our customers the perfect coffee experience

Our Markets

You can be assured that the quality of our service will consistent across all our branches. It’s something we like to carry with us whether you are in London, Paris or Madrid.

Our mission

Providing superior solutions for your coffee experience – anytime, anywhere… with passion

The People

People are at the core of Pelican Rouge’s business strategy and success. Pelican Rouge prides itself on employing a diverse and talented workforce of over 30 nationalities, valuing people for their talent, knowledge, skills and experience. The company continually strives to develop and support people to achieve their individual goals, understanding the value they add to the organisation.

Our values and principles

Customer focus - We care about our customers; superior solutions are our standard. We value customer feedback and their needs. We strive to make every customer experience superior and their satisfaction is key to us. We are a sales driven organization but we keep the customer first.

Winning Attitude - We consistently over-perform and are never satisfied with our results. At Pelican Rouge, we always aim to achieve extraordinary results whilst taking accountability of our actions and our team. We always look for ways to improve and outperform our self and our competitor. We go the extra mile.

Disciplined Execution - We deliver results in the Pelican Rouge way: standardised, efficient and measurable. We do what we are asked to do at the expected standards. Execution against the targets is controlled, organised and regularly monitored. We deliver against our targets and celebrate our successes. We act now and improve as we work.

Team work - We build on trust and, together, we are accountable. We trust our leaders and their decisions. We trust our colleagues and work as a team. We take accountability and consider the failure of our team as our failure. At Pelican Rouge we share best practice and our open to learn from our colleagues.

Integrity - We adhere to the highest level of ethical standards. At Pelican Rouge, we want good results, but the way we achieve those results is as important as the results. We are honest, fair and respectful to all stakeholders.

Pelican Rouge proudly serves Europe with three core values in mind; Great Coffee. Quality moments. Passion.